Beef Jerky Gun – Complete Kit of Kitchen Gadgets with Beef, Turkey, Sausage Nozzles – Easy to Clean Aluminum Jerky Gun With Stainless Steel Nozzles – Ideal Smoking Gun for All Homes

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Jerky GunJerky Gun

A Complete Kit To Make Homemade Jerky

Beef jerky made from premium cuts of beef—such as the eye of the round—is satisfying and delicious, but investing in all those high-priced roasts can be a daunting prospect. While there’s no reason to give up on the occasional splurge, why not try the more cost-effective method of using ground beef to make your jerky instead? All it takes to get started is a jerky gun—a long tubular device (similar to a cookie press) that you can use to extrude ground beef in the desired shapes for your favorite jerky recipe.

Our Delta Prime Savings Club Jerky Gun comes with the complete set of (4) stainless steel nozzles for your ground beef, turkey, sausage preference. A round double snack stick, flat stick, double side round snack stick, and extra-long round stick. We have also included a large funnel and pistol to help with loading your choice of bulk ground meat.


Why use a Jerky Gun?

When you use a jerky gun to shape your beef strips, you’re saving time on both the front and the back end. The meat is already ground, which eliminates the need for slicing. The rest of your prep time will be minimal, and cleanup is a breeze, especially if the gun’s components are dishwasher-safe.

Strips of jerky made from ground beef tend to have a chewier, less dense texture than their leathery counterparts, and some aficionados swear by their superior flavor. As a bonus, with ground meat recipes, you won’t have to marinate the meat overnight. Just mix the ground beef with the seasonings, load it into the jerky gun, and start cranking out those strips of beef.

Jerky Double NozzelJerky Double Nozzel

How to use it? STEP ONE:

It’s really quite simple, what you want to do is take whatever meat type you are working with and run it through some sort of food processor to get a ground meat consistency.

single flatsingle flat


Pack the ground meat into the nozzle end of the Jerky Shooter, making sure it’s pretty compact. Then aim the nozzle end towards to cooking surface you will be using, probably some kind of cookie sheet or wax paper.



Then begin to squeeze the trigger gently to release the meat into uniform strips onto your surface.

beef jerkybeef jerky


It’s as simple as that, now you are ready to begin dehydrating it. Now all you have to do is follow the instructions to whatever dehydration method you have chosen.

Savings BalloonSavings Balloon

Clean JerkyClean Jerky

Cleaning Is Easy

What makes our different is our attention to detail. We wanted the cleaning after to the fun to be just as easy. Our jerky gun is made of high quality aluminum making it easy to clean in seconds. We included latex cleaning gloves, a premium nylon brush. We know your time is valuable, we wanted to help with that.

Includes Nylon Fiber Brushers

Includes Latex Gloves

Includes Plastic Pistole & Funnel Funnel Head For Easy Washing

Quality With A Promise

The Delta Prime Savings Jerky Gun, is a perfect tool to use for family time. We want this to be something that can last years for family. We stand behind our products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase we will refund your order in full.

Enjoy family time with this event.

Feel accomplished when you eat your OWN brand of jerky!

Clean up fast and easy.

double nozzledouble nozzle

Double Round Jerky

Jerky Thickness: 5/8″

Jerky Width: 5/8″

long tubelong tube

Round Jerky

Jerky Thickness: 1/2″

Jerky Width: 1/2″

flat stripflat strip

Flat Head Strip

Jerky Thickness: 1/4″

Jerky Width: 1 1/2″

double stripdouble strip

Double Flat Strip

Jerky Thickness: 1/4″

Jerky Width: 1 1/8″

A must-have product: Tired of time-consuming beef sticks or flat strips? Looking for an easy and more practical way of preparing homemade jerky? The Delta Prime jerky gun is a perfect choice!
Ultimate quality material: These ground meat guns are made with superior quality aluminum, four stainless steel nozzles for all your preferences, 100% food-grade, easy to clean, and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
Time saver: This jerky gun kit was designed with a large funnel and pistol to help to load your choice of bulk ground meat. Their variated nozzles are perfect for extruding the desired shapes of your favorite jerk recipe!
Endless possibilities: Whether you’re a fan of beef sticks, double round sticks, flat sticks, or long sticks, this practical beef jerky pistol ensures perfect extruding!
Convenient Set: Order the Delta Prime jerky kit for yourself or as a thoughtful housewarming present for a friend or loved one, and you can be sure they will be appreciated! Our set includes 4 different nozzles, one tubular device, and a pistol, ideal for your jerky needs!

Beef Jerky Gun – Complete Kit of Kitchen Gadgets with Beef, Turkey, Sausage Nozzles – Easy to Clean Aluminum Jerky Gun With Stainless Steel Nozzles – Ideal Smoking Gun for All Homes
Beef Jerky Gun – Complete Kit of Kitchen Gadgets with Beef, Turkey, Sausage Nozzles – Easy to Clean Aluminum Jerky Gun With Stainless Steel Nozzles – Ideal Smoking Gun for All Homes


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