Gift Cards are the perfect last minute gifts –

In a recent Daily Poll, we asked the Swagbucks community what their favorite type of gift to receive is. Here were the results:

While any gift is always appreciated, a gift card is the most coveted according to our members. There’s just something nice about being able to buy exactly what you want using a gift card. If you still have people to buy gifts for this Christmas, look no further than MyGiftCardsPlus. With only a few days left to shop, MyGiftCardsPlus is the perfect last minute solution to make sure you check everyone off your list. From Sephora, to Gap, to Chipotle, to Groupon, to Best Buy, there is a gift card for everyone at MyGiftCardsPlus.

Not only will you earn SB on every gift card you purchase, but they’ll be delivered directly to your email inbox, making it easy to send out to people electronically. To do so, you have a few options:

  • Once you receive and open the e-gift card, click the option to “Send as Gift” in the upper right corner. This will email the link directly to the recipient.
  • Download the digital gift card as a PDF and attach it in a separate email from you.
  • Print it out to gift in person.

Right now get cash back PLUS a $1.00 bonus on ANY gift card you buy. Rack up the SB and give your loved ones what they want this year- everyone wins!

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